Pilates Studio Seaford

Terms, conditions and information:

Classes are mostly offered in 6-week blocks throughout the year. Fees are due by the first class of each block and are non-refundable once a block has commenced. Payment reserves your place in the class, therefore absences cannot be refunded or carried over. A swap system is in place (see studio swap book) however, swaps are subject to availability.

Re-booking with priority applies at the end of a 6-week block when if you wish to continue your next payment is due in order to reserve a continued place in the class. Places cannot be held without payment and may be reallocated. If you do not wish to continue please let your teacher know in good time.

One to one tuition: Please give as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend. A cancellation fee may be charged for less than 24 hours notice.

When not to exercise: After a heavy meal, under the influence of alcohol, if you are injured or unwell. Please do not attend with flu-like symptoms or if you’ve had a gastrointestinal infection in the last 48 hrs.

When you arrive and during class:

  • Please remove your shoes outside the studio. Bring valuables in with you.
  • A mat and headrest are provided for your use in the studio but you are welcome to bring and use your own if you prefer.
  • Please ask if you are unsure about an instruction. If you experience discomfort or pain during an exercise be sure to stop and let the instructor know.
  • The  instructions  given in class are not intended as substitute for medical consultation and  any  liability  from and  in connection with  these classes is disclaimed. If you experience any pain during the class you must stop and inform  the  teacher. If symptoms persist you should consult your doctor or heath professional.
  • If you are pregnant or if you have a medical condition please check with your GP that it is appropriate for you to exercise in a class before you attend and let your Pilates instructor know.
  • If you have been unwell or your health has changed since your last class please let the class teacher know.
  • Please be considerate to those receiving treatments in Therapy Rooms elsewhere in the building and leave quietly after the class. Thank you. Enjoy your class!

Fire exits are via the main ground floor entrance and via the first floor therapy room opposite the top of the staircase (sign posted). The fire assembly point is around the corner opposite the library outside Rix & Kays Solicitors.

Every Body Online Pilates

Terms, conditions and information:

Payment for class: Please see the terms issued by the individual teachers who are offering online classes.

Important Notice: If you proceed to join any of the online classes you accept and understand doing so at your own risk. These classes are offered only on the understanding that you are personally responsible for your own physical and mental well-being and are taking part at your own risk. The instructions given in these classes are not intended as a substitute for medical consultation and any liability from and in connection with this program is disclaimed. If you experience any pain while doing these exercises you must stop. Do not hesitate to contact the instructor if you have queries related to the class. If symptoms persist you should consult your doctor or a health professional. Always consult your health care professional before performing any new exercise, particularly if you are pregnant, elderly or if you have an injury, any chronic or recurring conditions.