We invite you to learn the benefits of Pilates and Yoga, with a teacher of experience and expertise, in our warm, bright and airy studio.  If you are looking for a therapeutic approach to alleviate chronic pain or to exercise safely with a medical or musculoskeletal condition, need to build core stability, or want to cross train with precision to fine tune your technique and enhance focus and performance – a personal programme can help you achieve your goal.

We also offer a Yoga Health programme for people who are at risk of cardiovascular conditions, Type 2 diabetes, have stress and anxiety, or digestive disorders.

Wherever you are starting from, we can design a personal programme around your specific needs, to motivate and help you feel stronger, more flexible, balanced and in control. We believe that every and anybody can gain health, fitness and wellbeing benefits from moving more. A movement programme designed to suit you and fit in with your life can take you on a journey to a place of better wellbeing.

Personalised tuition and support for:

Life is better with Pilates
Back Care

Core Stability and Strength

Structural Fitness & Body Conditioning with matwork and Pilates apparatus

Exercising with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Balance, Posture and Coordination

Pre-Op and Post Rehabilitation for Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

Yoga for Health Conditions

Yoga to Support / Improve Digestive Health

Pain Management

Breathing Practices

Destress and Relaxation

Post-Covid Recovery


In response to the continuing social distancing we are dedicating the Pilates Studio to Personal Tuition and taking group classes off site. Find out more about Personal Pilates & Yoga Packages or zoom & in-person Group Classes.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!